Upchurch Vineyard Tasting Kit

If You Can't Get to Red Mountain For Now...
Red Mountain Can Come to You 

Due to Covid19 and restrictions on serving indoors, we are now offering an at-home tasting experience. Each kit will consist of a 5-bottle selection of our current award-winning wines all shipped in one collection. Offered for a single price of $200. The wines will be accompanied by a tasting sheet with links to online tasting videos with Chris Upchurch.

This kit can't be used with any promo codes.

Each Kit Includes the following:

1 x bottle 2019 LTL Grenache Rosé 

1x bottle 2018 Southwest Facing Sauvignon Blanc

1x bottle 2018 LTL Cabernet Sauvignon

1x bottle 2017 UV Counterpart

1x bottle 2017 Upchurch Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

1x tasting sheet with links to tasting video's 


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