Nobody Starts with Lafite Rothchild

Nobody Starts with Lafite Rothchild

Nobody Starts with Lafite Rothchild

  I certainly didn’t. I vividly remember the first bottle of wine that I bought. It was a jug of Almenden Mountain Burgundy. This was in Boulder, Colorado so “Mountain Burgundy” seemed appropriate. Now, throughout my career I have had great wines from all over the world and have spent ridiculous amounts of money doing so. And yes, I have had multiple vintages of Lafite on numerous occasions.  But the more time I have spent with wine, the more I have come to realize that wine is simply about pleasure. I have been known to often say, “Never forget about delicious.

     Recently, I have been thinking about Gen-Z and how they approach wine and the wine market. Like most old farts, I have to say that they have so many more advantages than we did when we were young. First off, their parents probably drank wine. This is huge considering most of Gen-Z grew up with wine (as the Europeans have for so long). Secondly, there has never been such availability of all different wines from all around the world at all price ranges. Finally, they have the wealth of the internet. Education on a region, variety, vineyard, or winery is all a click away. So are Masterclasses and tasting notes. Instagram and twitter let you know what your friends are drinking. I am so jealous. 

     Sometimes those positives can also become problematic. All this global information and selection can be conflicting and confusing. Because of this, I thought I would put my own 2 cents in...

  1. Start by drinking local… The average Frenchman doesn’t know anything about wines that are more than 30 miles from their home.  If you drink locally, you can visit the wineries around you and get to know them.  This can be a wonderful experience and you can gain so much from it.  Bring a bottle or two home and you can relive your wine weekend. 
  2. Talk to your local retailer… This is especially important if you are not in a wine region.   Reviewers on the internet may be very knowledgeable but they can’t know anything about your pallet.  If your retailer is any good, he will ask you many questions and then recommend something that is tailor made for you.   He can help you with local wines or wines from your European vacation.
  3. The wine police will not come to get you... In other words, you can’t make a mistake. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Give them a price range you are comfortable with. A good professional loves the opportunity to find a delicious bottle of wine in your parameters and price range.
  4. Drink wine with food...  Again, it is all about the experience. You may not have the purse of a King, but you certainly can live like one.  All it takes is pairing a charming bottle of wine with a simple meal or even some cheese.


Featured Restaurant

KOL restaurant and Mezcal Bar, Soho London

Mexican soul with British ingredients.

I first heard about this one-star Michelin restaurant while in Oaxaca. That is how fast the word is getting around. It is what I am always looking for and can rarely find. A great expression of haut Mexican cuisine. The quesadillas with Skyy Island cheese and truffles are unbelievably stroking. 

Warning: I called a month in advance and could only get a table at lunch time.  Make a reservation FAR in advance.



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