Theodora Upchurch

Theadora Upchurch


Born over her dad's grocery store In Holland Thea's focus has always been on the Food and Wine Industry. She obtained a culinary Degree in Arnhem and a Masters degree in Utrecht. Speaking 4 languages she also has an Interpreter degree. Moving to America Thea first became a restaurateur in Atlanta, where she owned 2 restaurants. Finally she moved to Seattle where she owned 3 restaurants of which Theoz was awarded Best New Restaurant in 1996. Chris and Thea met at the opening of DeLille Cellars in 1995 and they were married in 2001. The ultimate Food and Wine pairing! In 2007 Thea brought all her business experience to help create Upchurch Vineyard, where she is co-owner with Chris.

“My father always loved fine wine and he would have loved Chris' passion for it. For me this is the perfect culmination of a lifetime of bringing food and wine to people here in Washington State”.

- Thea Upchurch