Southwest Facing Sauvignon Blanc

Art by Bill Cummings

"In 2002 Bill Cummings, a well-known Pacific Northwest artist gave us a gift-- a painting of a young girl looking out over a mountain, facing Southwest. We always loved that painting, and then when we decided to release a wine from Dick’s vineyard, we knew we had the perfect label. A painting we have loved for years from a dear friend and pioneer in the Washington artist community.”

– Thea Upchurch

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Upchurch Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Art by Salustiano

Artist Salustiano is modern Renaissance artist from Seville, Spain. His portraits symbolize our very act of looking, while natural beauty is never forgotten. The subjects in his paintings are placed in an endless and boundless red space. Much like a science fiction movie where the subject is placed in front of an all-white screen to symbolize a different dimension, Salustiano creates a dream like dimension of beauty and strength that red represents. Our label, one of Salustiano’ s favorite pieces, called “Instante de Eternidad” is a wonderful example of this.

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Upchurch Vineyard Counterpart Blend

Art by Plume 21

In recognition of Thea’s Dutch heritage, the Counterpart label is an interpretation of Amsterdam’s architecture viewed from its canals. The black and white geometric image was designed by Plume 21, a close friend of Chris and Thea.

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